Moms are the best, aren’t they? Even before we took our first breaths, our moms have been watching out for and taking care of us. From childhood to high school, and even after we move away, our mothers are always there for us. While we can’t ever hope to truly repay them for everything they do for us, there are still ways for us to show how much we appreciate them. Take a look at just how hard moms work each day, and we’ll provide a few suggestions of how you can say, “Thanks, Mom!”

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That’s right—your mom spends the equivalent of 2 ½ weeks each year making sure that you’re fed. There’s a reason cooks are always hoping their food tastes “just like Mama used to make.” It’s because she knew what she was doing!

How to Show Your Appreciation: Have all of the cabinets and floors in the kitchen refinished. Make the kitchen a more pleasant place for her to spend all that time by giving it a fresh, new look.


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Between cooking, cleaning, being the world’s best cheerleader, and running the ultimate taxi service, our moms rarely had a free moment to take for themselves. With just 17 minutes to call their own, moms rarely even have enough time to sit down and watch a half-hour show!

How to Show Your Appreciation: A day at the spa. Give her a chance to catch up on some of that missed “me time” by pampering herself.

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Imagine what your mom could have done with an extra $240,000 over the years. But to her, making sure you had a comfortable life was a worthwhile investment.

How to Show Your Appreciation: A book she can use to tell her story. She’s invested everything she has into your life, so take the opportunity to learn about hers.

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A mother’s job is never done, and sometimes, moms just need to take a couple of minutes to catch their breath and focus. Sometimes, the only time they can find to breathe a minute or two at a time in the middle of everything else they need to get done each day.

How to Show Your Appreciation: Yoga classes. Let her clear her mind somewhere she’s not surrounded by dirty dishes. Yoga can help her to relax and take some time to focus her life.

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While dads are usually the ones going to work, moms are constantly pushing themselves to make sure all the chores get done. Not only is motherhood hard work, but it’s usually thankless and can go unappreciated.

How to Show Your Appreciation: Hire a maid service.. Give her a break and let someone else take care of the cleaning and maintenance for a while.

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With most jobs, once you clock out, you can take some time to rest, but motherhood is a job that doesn’t have a timeclock. Moms are working from the minute they get out of bed in the morning until the second their head hits the pillow when they go to bed—and often, even at all hours of the night.

How to Show Your Appreciation: A new Apple Watch. Give her the gift of time—literally.